Clever Girl Author Writing Coach Sessions

Have Bola Sokunbi as your writing coach!

Bola SokunbiAre you an aspiring author or writer who doesn’t know where to start? Work with Bola Sokunbi as your writing coach!

If being a first-time author or freelance writer is your dream, it’s definitely possible.

Bola's sessions are designed to help first-time writers just like you bring your book and writing ideas to life so that you can become the amazing writer you know you can be!

Sessions are specific to new authors who need help to unlock their creative potential.

Why you should work with Bola as your writing coach

So many people have books in their heads that they'd love to write, but getting the words out can be daunting for a first-time author. Then there’s editing, publishing, and selling your book or written piece.

It can definitely be overwhelming. Still, becoming a writer is an exciting and rewarding experience. Working with Bola Sokunbi as your writing coach will help you learn key writing tips and strategies to establish yourself as a confident and consistent writer.

Bola is not only a Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI), and finance expert, she is also the 4-time bestselling author of the book, Choosing To Prosper, and the 3-part Clever Girl Finance Book Series.

What you’ll learn working with Bola

Each writing coach session with Bola is a unique experience. You’ll learn all the basics of writing a book, and how to get your work published Specifically you'll learn how to:

  • Outline your book
  • Create a writing schedule
  • Develop your  writer's mindset
  • Decide between traditional vs. self-publishing
  • Key tips on how to work with a book editor or self-edit your book
  • Create a book proposal
  • Publish your book and establish the foundations for a successful career as a writer

Schedule your writer's coaching session today. Achieve your writing goals!

After you work with Bola, you will be equipped to:

  • Build confidence as a writer
  • Write a book readers want
  • Complete and publish your first book

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