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Bola Sokunbi

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Bola started Clever Girl Author after successfully writing 4 best-selling books under the Clever Girl Finance brand. Her inspiration for starting Clever Girl Author came from her experience writing a book every year over a four-year period.

During this time she got to learn how the publishing industry works including: how to write book proposals and pitches, how to negotiate contracts, how to self-edit and fact check, and how to hire the right editors and other support.

She also gained experience when it came to working with PR, marketing and promoting her books, recording her own audiobooks, and much more.

Combined with her experience writing for Clever Girl Finance for several years, her goal with the Clever Girl Author brand is to empower new writers and authors to achieve their own dreams of starting a writing career or publishing their first books.

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Clever Girl Author leverages the experiences and skillset of our founder, Bola Sokunbi, a 4x published best-selling author, and our incredible team of experienced writers and authors.

We are committed to helping you learn how to establish yourself as the writer you've always dreamt of becoming.

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