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9 Examples Of Content Writing And Key Tips For Content Writing

You probably see it every day without even noticing. Examples of content writing are everywhere. From website landing pages to blogs, content writing is very common.

And it’s a pretty important skill for any writer. It can also make you some money if you decide to do this as a job!

Examples of content writing

Let’s get into what content writing is, how it works, some content writing examples, and tips for how to get started with this skill.

What is content writing?

Content writing is the creation of web content, and it also includes editing and publishing that content. Many times, it's a form of marketing and a way to connect with potential customers.

There are a wide variety of content writing niches, and we’ll discuss some of the popular ones in this article.

What are examples of content writing?

Since the types of content writing are so general, it’s a bit easier to explain by showing instances where you would use it. Here are some examples of content writing.

1. Articles

An article may be what you think of when considering content writing examples. Articles contain well-researched information and can be found online on websites, magazines, or blogs.

They are often longer than blog posts and are more formal. And they can be written about any topic.

Blog posts often include research now, and the lines between these two types of writing may sometimes be difficult to distinguish.

2. Newsletters

Newsletters are generally sent out by companies or websites to their subscribers. It lets people know what’s new, what new articles are available, or gives interesting information that the reader may find helpful.

Newsletters are typically short. Around 200 words is standard. But a good content writer must pack a lot of great information into a small amount of space and build brand loyalty with readers.

3. Social media posts

Social media posts are typically short and grab the reader’s attention. The real objective is to get the reader to know who the company or organization is and give information.

It can often translate into sales or get the reader to want to know more about the business and create a loyal following.

4. Video scripts

A video script details what will happen in a video. If you’re interested in film, this can be a great way to work in the industry while also doing content writing.

HubSpot explains how: you’ll create an outline and then write down what people in the video will say and what will happen in the video.

5. Research papers

This is an extremely intense type of content writing that may take quite a bit of time. Research papers are about specific topics, and they go in-depth into the study of the topic. As the name suggests, they require extensive research and critical thinking.

But if you have a lot of knowledge about a particular subject or are eager to learn, this may be a good choice.

6. eBooks

You can write your own eBooks about any topic, or you may get hired to ghostwrite a book for someone else.

Ebooks are an excellent way to make passive income, in addition to being one of the best content writing examples.

7. White papers

White papers are a sort of report that requires a lot of research and study. They may explain a topic or how to do something, and they are usually fairly long, much longer than a blog post. They are generally at least several pages long.

8. Website landing pages

A website landing page is a webpage that is generally used with sales and marketing. The reader is taken to the landing page oftentimes to get them to become part of an email list. Content writing for this sort of page should be persuasive and interesting.

9. Blog posts

Blog posts are a very common example of content writing. They’re all over the internet.

Blog posts can be short, but many prefer to write over 1,000 words for a post. They discuss a specific topic, use headlines to help the reader skim the content, and are generally informative or entertaining.

Content writing niches

Content writing is a general term that applies to a lot of things. The topics are extremely varied, but here are some of the popular ones to give you more examples of content writing.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is something that people are extremely interested in knowing more about. Having this skill is very lucrative and helpful. So this writing niche focuses on discussing marketing in the digital world.

This can include SEO and social media, and it helps businesses and individuals to connect with potential customers or supporters of their business. It’s about marketing what your company has to offer and letting others know about it.

Personal finance

The niche of personal finance helps people to understand money and learn how to make it work for them. The topics often include things like budgeting, investing, the stock market, real estate, and other financial topics.

It’s a pretty popular niche, and many people are looking for more information on this subject. You'll often see websites and blogs that focus specifically on this. a great example is our parent site, Clever Girl Finance!


A lot of people want to know how to get more done. The niche of productivity discusses time management, how to accomplish more, and how to work more efficiently. This may be focused on work, home, or personal life.

Productivity is a skill, so a lot of readers want to find content focused on this. It can help employees, business owners, managers, and many others.


Lifestyle is an extremely broad example of content writing. The lifestyle niche is focused on many things, from recipes to home life to fashion.

The main thing that matters for this niche is that it is personal and relatable, allowing readers to get information to help make their daily lives better.

Lifestyle writers may generally write about a topic or focus on something specific. It depends, and many writers choose to write about their own lives.


Cooking is a fun niche that focuses on recipes and food. You might read about topics like how to make a perfect salad or host a dinner party. Baking, cooking, barbecuing, or anything to do with hosting can be included in this niche.

You’ll often find the cooking niche on blogs, as many people write recipes online and discuss their experiences making certain foods.


Writing in the medical field generally requires a 4-year bachelor’s degree or more. Basically, you write about healthcare and medicine.

This can be a complex type of writing, but if you have the necessary experience, it pays very well. Freelance medical writers can make six figures.


Another one of the popular content writing niches is motherhood. You can discuss life as a new mom, crafts, and activities for kids, recipes for families, or anything else pertaining to parenting.

There are many websites and blogs that specifically focus on this topic, so it can be a good one to start with when you begin content writing.

Fashion and beauty

Fashion and beauty is another niche among the types of content writing. There are tons of different directions to go with this and ways you can specialize. For example, luxury handbags, DIY skincare, putting together outfits for work, and more.

If you have an interest in makeup, skincare routines, jewelry, or wardrobe ideas, this is a fun niche that you can learn about as you go.

Tips for content writing online

Now you’ve seen these examples of content writing, and maybe you want to become a content writer yourself. But where do you start? Here are the important tips to keep in mind.

Practice writing and creating samples

Especially if you are new to it, it’s important to practice writing. You’ll get better over time with repetition, and you should keep learning more about specific niches that you want to write about.

Create samples in different niches and styles so that people can see your work. It helps potential clients understand what sort of writing you do and what topics you can write about.

Reach out to potential clients

Once you’ve practiced and created some samples, you can start reaching out to potential clients. You can fill out job applications online or reach out to businesses, blogs, and websites via email.

Show potential clients your work and explain how you can help them with their business, website, or blog. It’s good if you can write in the niche you prefer, but in the beginning, you can write about various topics as you gain experience.

So keep reaching out and networking. Eventually, you’ll get your first couple of clients and be on your way.

Be skilled in multiple niches

Many people say that you should have a specific niche you write in, which is both true and false. It’s good to have a couple of specific topics that you know a lot about. That way, you can specialize and charge more over time for various types of content writing.

However, you don’t want to only write in one niche when you first start out. It may keep you away from potentially lucrative opportunities.

So yes, find your niche over time. But when you start out, be willing to do extra research and write about a lot of different topics.

The exceptions to this would be things like medical or scientific writing, which you should only do if you have the necessary qualifications. But other things like lifestyle writing you can pick up as you go along.

Consider your audience

Content writing focuses on the reader. Your writing should keep them interested and engaged. It creates brand awareness and loyalty and can lead to sales.

Learn editing skills

Even if you’re a great writer, you need editing skills. You don’t want to write a great article and then turn it in with spelling errors, unprepared for SEO. These days, clients want content writers that can also turn in a polished article.

So use an editing tool, use keywords appropriately, and read through your work several times before submitting it to clients.

Focus on the bottom line

What do you want the reader to do when they finish reading what you wrote? Purchase a product or service, gather more information? Your call to action is a very important part of content writing.

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Use these examples of content writing to help you succeed!

Breaking into content writing might seem challenging, but you will likely find jobs fairly easily. The real issue is getting enough experience to charge more for your writing. But over time, content writing can become a lucrative side hustle or full-time job.

You can absolutely learn this skill, and knowing more about content writing will help you with marketing, sales, business, and more.

So start practicing and get some experience using these examples of content writing! You can earn more money and gain valuable knowledge. And while you're at it, see our step-by-step guide on becoming an author.

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