7 Entry Level Writing Jobs

Do you love writing and want to make a career out of forming sentences? Writing can be a fun and fulfilling job, and it’s a more common career than people might realize. Entry level writing jobs can kickstart your writing career.

From writing newsletters to social media pages to website copy, nearly every company needs a good writer on their team.

Entry level writing jobs

What are entry level writing jobs?

There are several entry level writing jobs for the aspiring writer. Whether you want to start as an entry level technical writer, write movie scripts for Hollywood, or become a journalist, you must start somewhere.

An entry level writing job will be a relatively basic job, such as writing landing pages for websites or writing blog posts.

Many of these jobs can help get you to the next level. The best thing is that you need only two things to start – your computer and access to the internet.

It also helps to have good typing skills and basic knowledge of English grammar and spelling. You can always learn these skills as you go, but it helps to already have them in your toolbox.

Where to look for entry level writing jobs

There is no end to entry level writing jobs. Every company needs a good writer to communicate with its customers. Here are some ideas of places you can look for writing-related jobs:

Check out job boards

One of the best ways to find an entry level writing job is to look at job boards to see who is hiring.

You can look for writing jobs on job boards like Indeed, LinkedIn, or FlexJobs. You shouldn't need to pay to access any of these job ads (with the exception of FlexJobs), so beware of any sites that ask you to pay high amounts for access.

Try freelancing

If you want to try your hand at writing, you can also try freelancing. There are an estimated 57 million freelancers in the U.S., with about 17% of freelancers working in writing, content services, or journalism.

You can try freelance writing job sites like Upwork or Fiverr or job boards like MediaBistro or Problogger.

Reach out to websites

Another way to find entry level writing jobs is to reach out to websites and see if they need a blog writer or if they need help with updating the content on their site. Many websites will have a "contact us" page, or you can try reaching out to the owner directly through social media.

Connect on social media

Speaking of social media, you can also use it to network and find jobs. LinkedIn is a great resource, as is Twitter.

On Twitter, you can check out hashtags to find companies who are looking for writers, like #journalismjobs #freelancing #writingjobs, and more.

How to prepare for entry level writing jobs

Before you apply for a writing job, it’s important to be prepared. Depending on the sort of job you are applying for, you’ll need different skill sets. Make sure you are at the top of your game before you start applying for jobs.

Take a course

One way to make your resume look great is to take a course specific to the type of job you want to apply for. For example, for entry level grant writing jobs, you may want to consider a grant writing certification.

There are many universities that offer courses over 10 to 12 weeks that will help you build your grant writing skills, like these certifications from Arizona State University or San Diego State University.

Or you can take a creative writing course or even a business writing course if you want to write for businesses.

Start a blog

You can also create a blog to help build your portfolio, whether that’s writing movie scenes to help you find entry level screenwriting jobs or creating a short story collection to showcase your skills for entry level creative writing jobs.

A blog can help you perfect your writing and help you get your name out there. You could even use affiliate marketing in your blog to make extra money.

Update your resume

It’s also essential that you have updated your resume with all of your relevant skills and experience.

Your resume may be the first thing potential employers see when looking to hire someone, so make it stand out. Add only the most relevant experience at the very top and use keywords to highlight your accomplishments.

Make sure to proofread it and have a few people go over it to catch any spelling or grammar mistakes.

7 types of entry level writing jobs

There are many different types of entry level writing jobs for those who want to have a career as a writer. Here are some common ones you’ll find.

1. Entry level grant writing jobs

A grant writer is someone who writes proposals looking for donations. These proposals are sent to institutions such as government bodies or foundations.

Grant writers not only write proposals but also need to research grants and work with others to develop and submit grant applications.

Grant writers need to be detail-oriented, be able to work on multiple projects at a time, and have great interpersonal skills. It's also vital to have research skills and understand the grant writing process itself.

If you want to become a grant writer, then you can check out entry level grant writing jobs.

Many nonprofits need grant writers, so check out NGOs or nonprofits in your area. You can also look at education grant writing jobs on the local or national level, such as at your local university.

Health grant writing is another entry level job that can be found at both the local and national level, while animal grant writers are needed for many 501(c) (3) nonprofit organizations.

2. Entry level technical writer jobs

A technical writer is someone who writes company documents. That can be anything from instructions to reference guides, operating procedures, white papers, handbooks, and other high-quality documentation.

Technical writing requires understanding highly complex topics, like how a company is using their solutions to help customers and translating them into laymen's terms.

You need to be organized, detail-oriented, and have a grasp of complex subject matters. You'll need to conduct research, plan out the technical documents, organize the documents and maintain a detailed glossary and library of technical terms and records.

If you want to become an entry level technical writer, look for jobs at corporations or tech companies. Nearly all global companies have a need for a technical writer, and it's a growing field.

3. Entry level comedic writing jobs

Do you find yourself always cracking jokes? Then you might want to try comedy writing.

Comedy writers write jokes for different formats, such as TV, film, plays, and radio. You can also write for magazines.

People who write comedy need to have a great sense of humor. You should also understand grammar rules but know how to break them to make a scene funny, such as using puns.

Try your hand at writing jokes for newspapers or magazines. Many magazines like The New Yorker or Reader’s Digest accept fiction and satire comedy writing.

You can also look for jobs as an assistant at comedy or talent agencies, helping other comedians with things like admin tasks, managing internal communication, and more.

4. Entry level screenwriting jobs

A screenwriter writes content for visual mediums like film, TV, commercials, video games, and even YouTube videos.

They create the dialogue and plot and develop the characters for the script. Essentially they write the blueprint for the visual product.

Many entry level screenwriting jobs include becoming an assistant. While these jobs can be very demanding, they can help you understand the ins and outs of the film industry.

They can also help you meet professionals in the field and help you land your next screenwriting gig.

You can also try to get a job as a receptionist or even a barista somewhere in the studio. For example, screenwriter Antwone Fisher became a security guard at Sony Pictures for eight months before he went on to write his own screenplays.

5. Entry level creative writing jobs

While we often think of creative writers as sitting at a typewriter all day and writing novels, that's not always the case.

A creative writer creates copy that conveys a message or idea in a unique and thought-provoking way. They can write novels, essays, scripts, nonfiction, or any other type of copy for companies.

Creative writers need to know how to conduct research, prepare outlines and synopsis, have a great understanding of the English language, and be able to fact-check. They also need to be open to feedback and edit their work.

If you are looking for entry level creative writing jobs, you can find job opportunities as a creative marketing writer, work in PR, or look for freelance jobs on Upwork and other job boards. You could also write your own articles and submit them to magazines and websites for publication.

6. Entry level content writing jobs

Content writers are anyone who writes content, usually for online publications, blogs, or companies. A content writer helps brands showcase their products by writing informative articles.

They can write on a range of topics, from pets to parenting, to healthcare. They can write blog posts, press releases, white papers, ghostwrite for others, and even work with the marketing team to write copy.

Content writers need to understand the writing process, be able to tell a story, and be social media savvy. They should know how to conduct research and be able to be creative in their writing approach.

While not all content writers need to specialize, it helps if you focus your work on one area, like finance, healthcare, or technology.

You can find many content writing jobs on job boards and work in-house or become a freelancer and work on an ad-hoc basis for companies.

7. Entry level copywriting jobs

Like content writing, a copywriter doesn’t just write articles but is also responsible for things like headlines, promotional emails, social media, and writing search engine optimization (SEO) articles for companies. They can write copy for ads, marketing materials, and websites.

A copywriter needs to be able to brainstorm ideas and may work in partnership with a graphic designer or other marketers.

You also need to pitch ideas and marketing concepts and have a decent grasp of grammar. It also helps to understand SEO and marketing.

Nearly every company with an online presence needs a good copywriter. You can also find work through agencies, at a marketing firm, or be hired in-house.

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